**The Town of Mamaroneck Engineering Department has switched to Online Permitting.  Starting on September 07, 2023 you will be able to apply for Surface Water and Erosion Control (SWEC) permits and Highway permits through the following online portal: OpenGov Permits **

You will need to setup an account with our software company, Viewpoint Cloud Permit Software (OpenGov) the first time you log in.  Your account information will be stored to save time when preparing future permit applications. 


The Town Engineering Department serves the Town by providing professional services in the form of planning, design, project management, construction inspection and oversight.


The Town Engineer is responsible for planning and budgeting most of the capital improvement projects such as annual road resurfacing programs, sidewalk and curb reconstruction, drainage improvements and facility upgrades. The Department prepares cost estimates, plans specifications and contract documents for the majority of the Town's public work bids. Many times during the course of construction, the Engineer may serve as a liaison for the Town providing information to residents, property owners, and utility members affected by the work.

The Engineering Department plays an integral role in providing technical assistance and support to the Town's Administrative, Building, and Highway Departments. The Town Engineer attends all of the monthly Planning Board meetings and oversees the technical review of all of the permit applications for Fresh Water Wetlands, Site Plan, Land Subdivision, and Special Use.

Surface Water & Erosion and Sediment Control (SWEC) and Highway Department permit applications are submitted to and reviewed by the Town Engineer. Once a permit is issued, the Department monitors construction activity and provides all of the necessary inspections and oversight to ensure that project goals are achieved and specification compliance is met.




The Engineer Department stores and maintains the majority of the Town's mapping such as topography, sewer, and drainage systems. Availability for map research and viewing can be scheduled by contacting the Department. Mapping is primarily archived in paper form however some maps are available digitally in GIS format.


Community Assistance


The Engineer often interacts with the community and is available to offer information and advice should a resident, property, owner, or contractor need assistance.