Parks & Conservation Areas

Park Maintenance

The Town’s public parks space is maintained by the Department’s Parks Division. The Department is responsible for landscaping and manicuring 93 acres of grounds which includes:
  • 3.2 miles of Conservation Areas Trails
  • Eight Historic Cemeteries
  • Gardens Lake
  • Memorial Park
  • The Sheldrake Conservancy Property
  • Town Center
  • Various road shoulders and right-of-ways scattered throughout the Town
The Department has adopted a policy of mulching leaves and grass in most of these areas to conserve on waste and to naturally fertilize these grounds. The Department is also responsible for maintaining approximately 4,900 trees along Town roads and the trees in the Town's conservation areas.

Tree Maintenance

The Town is dotted with over 4,900 trees along Town roads and in public spaces. The Town is not responsible for trees on private property. Please check with the Building Department before conducting any work on trees on private property. The main species of trees in the town are of the maple and oak variety.

Conservation Areas

The Highway Department aids the Conservation Department in maintaining the Town’s vast area of conservation and open space. There are 3.2 miles of meandering trails which consists of wood chip paths, 1,800 feet of boardwalks and 335 feet of wooden bridges in the 75 acres crossing through the Town. The Department maintains the trails, boardwalks, and trees.

Seaside trails through the marshlands and Long Island tributaries are also part of the Conservation Areas. A popular race is held annually through the Town's Leatherstocking Trail and neighboring communities.