Streetlights & Signs

There are 1,390 streetlights along the Town's roads and in public lots, 1,216 regulatory signs and over 976 street name signs. The Highway Department maintains all these as well as traffic signs, street pavement markings, and striping. The Department’s Sign Shop fabricates all of the Town’s signs, including public notices and temporary signs.

For details about reporting problems with streetlights, traffic lights, or signs, visit the Street-Related Conditions Page.

Street Lighting Plan

The Town of Mamaroneck has undertaken a new Street Lighting Plan as part of the Energy Savings Contract currently in progress. Work is now underway to retrofit all the street lights on public roadways to accept LED (Light Emitting Diode) fixtures. The new lamps are designed to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs.

Once all the streetlights have been retrofitted, the town will have the ability to control the lights remotely with a street lighting control system. Lighting control strategies will affect the quantity of illumination for street lighting. The Plan calls for lighting to be reduced during certain hours but not eliminating any existing street lights.

Please note that the new lamps will shine differently than conventional lamps, therefore, the lighting radiance may take getting used to. We also know that in some cases the Town may have to re-adjust the position of the lights.

During the LED installation period, the Highway Department will continue to maintain fixtures that have not been retrofitted. Therefore, please call the Highway Department for outages and questions.