Complaints & Grievances

Annual Assessment Filing Period
The grievance filing period is June 1st through the third Tuesday in June.

Challenging an Assessment

An assessment can be challenged by any person aggrieved by an assessment (e.g., an owner, purchaser, or tenant who is required to pay the real estate taxes pursuant to a lease or written agreement) if the owner of the property files a complaint in the city, town or village in which the property is located. For real property located within the Town of Mamaroneck, that complaint can be filed with the Town Assessor or the Board of Assessment Review. 

Filing Requirements for Complaints on Real Property Assessments

The application form and instructions, RP-524 and RP-524-INS, are available from NYS Department of Taxation and Finance. You may complete the complaint form yourself or have your representative or attorney complete it for you.

Assessments Eligible for Review

The only assessment that may be reviewed is the assessment on the current tentative assessment roll completed by the local assessor. Each year the tentative assessment roll is available June 1st. As a general rule, a separate complaint should be filed for each separately assessed parcel.

Filing Methods

For real property located within the Town of Mamaroneck, complaints may be filed in person or by mail from June 1 to the third Tuesday in June.  

Kindly submit an ORIGINAL and 3 COPIES when filing your grievance application.

To file a complaint in-person, submit your complaint to the Town Assessor or with the Board of Assessment Review. To file a complaint by mail, send your complaint to the Town Assessor's office:

Assessor's Office
Town of Mamaroneck
740 West Boston Post Road
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Filing Deadlines

Complaints filed in person - either with the Town Assessor or with the BAR - must be filed no later than the third Tuesday in June.  Complaints filed by mail must be postmarked no later than the third Tuesday in June. Failure to file your complaint in a timely manner precludes your right to administrative and judicial review.

When filing a grievance, the Board of Assessment Review (BAR) requests that proof be submitted substantiating your indicated value (pg.1, #7-property owners estimate of market value).  Examples of such proof (see instructions) can be an appraisal by a licensed appraiser or a detailed list (3 or more) of comparable homes in your neighborhood that are similar in square footage, style, and condition that have sold recently (see valuation date - Key Dates on the Assessment Calendar). The BAR convenes on grievance day each year and will meet throughout the summer months to review filings.  You will be notified by mail of the BAR’s determination prior to the issuance of the final assessment roll on September 15th.

Helpful link from the NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services on Contesting Your Assessment