Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE)

The Town of Mamaroneck assists eligible local senior citizens age 62 and older living who are living in an apartment regulated by the Emergency Tenant Protection Act (ETPA) to apply for the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption(SCRIE).  If a tenant qualifies for this program, the tenant is exempt from future rent guidelines increases, Maximum Base Rent increases, fuel cost adjustments, and increases based on the owner’s economic hardship and Major Capital Improvements. However, the tenant must pay the additional security deposit. This Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Fact Sheet provides more details about this benefit.

How to Qualify and Apply

You must be:

  • 62 or older; and
  • live in a qualifying rent stabilized apartment in the Town of Mamaroneck (TM), Village of Mamaroneck(VM), or Village of Larchmont(VL); and
  • your total annual income from all sources is at or below the amount listed on the application form below; and 
  • you are paying at least 1/3 of your income for rent; and
  • you have a valid 1 or 2 year lease

Note:  Income limits vary by municipality.  

  • Click here to confirm whether your address is in the Town of Mamaroneck, Village of Mamaroneck or Village of Larchmont. 
  • Click here to learn more about eligibility and to see the income limits by municipality. 
  • Click here to print out an application.

Other Helpful Resources

For more information on housing for seniors read our Housing Guide for Seniors (PDF).

For additional assistance with housing issues, you may wish to contact Westchester Residential Opportunities.