Ten Steps to a Healthier Yard

Choose one or two and check out the links provided to get started:

1.  Avoid pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Go for a healthy lawn.

2.  Plant native trees, shrubs and plants.

3.  Limit leaf blower use. Leaf blowers disrupt butterflies and bees that hibernate in the soil or in leaf litter.

4. Forgo fall clean up and leave some areas undisturbed during the winter season to provide winter habitat for butterflies and bees.

5.  Switch off the lights! Light pollution harms nocturnal insects like moths, and distracts migrating birds.

6.  Consider changing (a part) of the lawn into a meadow or creating planting beds.

7. Choose plants that don’t require extra watering.(Many native plants fit this criteria.)

8.  Remove invasive species and replace them with native species.

9.  Use living mulch in the form of ground covers and plants and learn about mulch mowing your leaves this fall.

10.  Place a Healthy Yard sign in a good high visibility spot and invite people to join you in creating a healthy yard!

(Courtesy of www.healthyyards.org)