Love Your Food

When was the last time you wasted ice cream?

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Never? Great! What if you treated the rest of your food that way?

               When you love your food, it's ALL good.               

Waste happens.

We all know wasting food is bad and sad but let’s face it — waste happens. In fact, 40% of all food gets wasted while 1 in 8 of us go hungry. Our communities in Mamaroneck and Larchmont are being asked to do better by: Reducing the amount of food we waste; Sharing extra food when we can; and Composting what’s left.

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    Residential Food Scrap Pick-Up Pilot Program in the Village of Mamaroneck

    The Village of Mamaroneck has been running its residential food scrap pickup pilot program for 7 weeks. At the end of the 13-week pilot, the Village will evaluate the program and make any necessary changes to put a more permanent program in place. Read on...
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    Compost Giveaway Day

    The Larchmont-Mamaroneck Sanitation Commission held its 5th Annual Compost Giveaway Day at our Maxwell Avenue Recycling Center on Saturday April 30th, 2022. Read on...
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    Food Scrap Totals to Date – Including Last 2.5 Years

    Since residents started diverting food scraps from the garbage stream in September 2017, a total of approximately 670,000 pounds (335 tons) has been diverted through June 16, 2022. Read on...
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    Victory Farms Going Strong in Year Three

    The Victory Farms at the Grange is celebrating its third year organizing the Larchmont/Mamaroneck community, including schools, around growing vegetables and sharing the harvest with neighbors in need. Read on...
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    Mamaroneck School District’s Food Rescue Success

    Mamaroneck Union Free School District (MUFSD) donated over 8,000 lbs of surplus food to those in need in an afterschool program and nearby food pantries from September 2019 until June 2022. Read on...
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    Mamaroneck High School Students Analyze Food Waste from School Lunches

    As part of their food waste reduction initiative for the Original Civic Research & Action (OCRA) program, juniors Svea-Liv Sheehan, Oliver Johnson, and Juliette Remy collected data on unused food Read on...
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    From Heirloom Seed Bank to Food Pantry

    Local residents grow and donate bounty of heirloom tomatoes to Larchmont/Mamaroneck Food Pantry. Read on...
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    Neighborhood Victory Gardens Support Local Food Pantry

    The inspiring story of how local residents grew food to share food. Read on...
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    History Repeats Itself

    During two global pandemics spaced about 100 years apart, our nation aided food insecure European allies during World War I, and we are aiding our food insecure neighbors today. Read on...
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    New Compost Sticker helps promote Food Scrap Recycling

    Help motivate your neighbors to compost by proudly displaying the We Compost sticker on your garbage bin, car bumper or wherever else it can be seen in the community. Read on...
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    Parents Get into the Habit of Food Scrap Recycling

    Mamaroneck High School alums and sisters, Gina and Kaitlyn Talt inspired their parents, Francine and George, to start food scrap recycling. The habit has stuck, and now Francine and George love it! Read on...
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    Village of Mamaroneck Food Scrap Recycling Makes Good Progress

    Ellen Silver, on behalf of the Committee for the Environment, reports that 2020 was a very good year for the Village of Mamaroneck (VoM) food scrap recycling program. Read on...
  13. FoodScrapRecyclingMetrics 1_12 2020

    Metrics Show Success for Town of Mamaroneck and Village of Larchmont’s Food Scrap Recycling

    The Town of Mamaroneck and Village of Larchmont collected over 73 tons of food scraps in 2020 to be transformed into compost. Read on...
  14. VictoryFarms

    Victory Farms

    A local victory gardens project launched in 2020 has a new name and a new mandate: Victory Farms at the Grange aims to grow in number and grow more food for our neighbors. Read on...
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    Students at Mamaroneck High School take on Wasted Food

    Mamaroneck High School (MHS) sophomores, Sofia Rosenbaum, Lyla Hurley, and Vivienne Loigman, have selected food insecurity and reducing wasted food as the targeted topics for their four-year elective Original Civics Research and Action (OCRA) course Read on...
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    Mamaroneck School District’s 2020 Food Rescue

    In 2020, the Mamaroneck School District donated about 1,170 lbs. of surplus food to nearby agencies serving people in need. Read on...
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    Need food? Want to help share food?

    Food insecurity has expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic and available food is just a phone call away for local residents in need of food assistance. Read on...
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    Tomato Planting Guide

    Growing tomatoes is easy, especially when started indoors. These simple steps will help you succeed! Read on...
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    Food Scrap Recycling Metrics for Maxwell Ave. Recycling Center

    Since January 2020 to April 27, 2021, the total diversion is an astonishing 100.4 tons (200,739 lbs)! Read on...
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    Love Your Food Ambassadors at Farmers Markets

    No matter how cold, seniors of Mamaroneck High School’s National Honor Society have volunteered to be Love Your Food Ambassadors at local Farmers Markets throughout the winter. Read on...
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    Middle Schooler Petitions for Curbside Pickup of Food Scraps

    Hommocks Middle School student Noah Berman, is on a mission! He would like food scrap recycling to be a routine way of life that is picked up from the curbside, like other forms of recycling in our community. Read on...
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    Compost Giveback 2021

    The fourth annual Compost Giveback was held on April 24th and May 1st for Town of Mamaroneck/Village of Larchmont and Village of Mamaroneck respectively. Read on...
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    Pedal-Powered Pickup of Food Scraps

    Mamaroneck High School students are piloting pedal-powered curbside pickup of food scraps. Read on...
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    Composting Made Easy on Zoom

    Local residents share their passion and tips for backyard composting and food scrap recycling. Read on...
  25. MaxwellAveMetrics 1-20 to 7-21
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    Composting Tips From Our Community

    Local Sustainability Ambassadors, Ellen Silver, Elizabeth Poyet, and Judy Caputo, shared their insights and tips on municipal food scrap recycling Read on...
  27. MUFSD Logo

    Mamaroneck School District’s Food Rescue

    Mamaroneck School District’s food rescue has been going strong at the start of summer 2021. Read on...
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    Local Students Pilot Residential Food Scrap Pick-Up

    Students collect neighborhood food scraps on their bikes to help our community compost. Read on...
  29. GreenMamaroneck Logo

    High School Students Develop “Green Mamaroneck” App

    Mamaroneck residents eager to lessen their environmental footprint can now help make the community greener, thanks to a new smartphone application developed by Mamaroneck High School students. Read on...
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    Victory Farms Flourish in Second Year

    Local gardens have produced hundreds of pounds of food for the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force, more than doubling what they grew in 2020. Read on...
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    Local Resident Shops to Raise Money for Food Pantries

    When COVID-19 expanded the number of food insecure families, a concerned Larchmont resident figured out a way to raise money for local food pantries while wasting less food in the process. Read on...
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    Fourth Anniversary of Larchmont-Mamaroneck Food Scrap Recycling

    The Town of Mamaroneck’s Sustainability Collaborative and Larchmont Environmental Committee thank sanitation staff for their vital work and tremendous efforts throughout the year. Read on...
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    Saving Taxpayers’ Money by Recycling Food Scraps

    The Larchmont-Mamaroneck Joint Sanitation Commission officially joined Westchester County’s Residential Food Scrap Transportation and Disposal Program. Read on...
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    Protect Long Island Sound by Composting Instead of Using Garbage Disposal

    Composting food scraps helps keep our beaches open for swimming. Read on...
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    Larchmont Native Starts Community Fridges in Bronx

    The Mott Haven Fridge Network grew out of the pandemic to encourage neighbors to help feed neighbors in need. Read on...
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    Big Step Towards Curbside Pickup of Food Scraps in Village Mamaroneck

    The Village of Mamaroneck Board of Trustees gave their unanimous approval on January 24, 2022 for food scraps to be classified as a recyclable item. This classification paves the way for curbside pickup of food scraps in the Village. Read on...
  37. shutterstock_156439166

    OCRA Food Scrap Pickup Expands Free Service

    The food scrap recycling initiative designed and run by OCRA (Original Civic Research and Action) Mamaroneck High School seniors Arielle Herz and Cameron Lee, expanded its free pickup service this fall within the Village of Larchmont. Read on...
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    High School Junior Encourages Food Scrap Collection

    Have you ever thought about food scrap recycling? Maybe it’s never even crossed your mind! Either way, I highly recommend beginning to collect food scraps within your household! Read on...
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    Larchmont/Mamaroneck Food Pantry Update by President Malcolm Frouman

    We have some meaningful updates to share with the community including our new indoor space and a substantial increase in food distribution. After conducting weekly outdoor walk-through distributions for a year at a tent in a parking lot in Mamaroneck, Read on...
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    Victory Farms at The Grange: Neighbors Growing Food for Neighbors

    Victory Farms is a local suburban farm – a network of backyard, side yard and front yard gardens. The first year there were 40 families. The second year, it grew to 140 families, churches, and a nature center. Read on...
  41. shutterstock_1377539192

    Murray Green Tigers Reinstate Waste-Free Wednesdays

    In an effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle, Murray Avenue Elementary School Green Tigers have reinstated Waste-Free Wednesdays. Read on...
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    Are you a Flexitarian?

    The word “flexitarian” may sound like something a yoga devotee aspires to become, but the term actually refers to food choice. According to U.S. News:” Flexitarian” is a marriage of two words: flexible and vegetarian. Read on...
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    A Black Diamond Recipe for Reducing Wasted Food

    Some people seize the day by navigating black diamond ski slopes. Larchmont resident Beth Radow’s black diamond challenge involves food shopping the day-old produce shelf for bargains she can transform into a festive feast. Read on...
  44. shutterstock_477891259

    Food Donation and Food Scrap Recycling is Now the Law

    New York’s Food Donation and Food Scrap Recycling Law went into effect on January 1, 2022. Read on...

Tip of the Season

Eating less meat and more plants is a smart move when it comes to loving our food and the planet. With global livestock production being one of the top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, substituting plant-based foods for animal-based foods is a winning recipe! 


Tip: Stretch one serving of meat to feed more people by dicing it and sautéing with vegetables and grains. Add raw, unsalted cashew pieces for satisfying texture and flavor.

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