Is there a way to pay online that is free of charge?

Yes- Using E-Checks –No Cost Service to Taxpayers!

  • Echecks is a secure option for paying your property taxes on-line with NO COST to taxpayers.
  • E-Checks work the same way as paper checks in that money is transferred from the payers account to the recipients account. Instead of writing a paper check, an electronic check I created.
  • Payments are credited immediately – no waiting for delivery and posting of your tax payments.
  • Echecks are safer than a paper check, since there is no document that gets handled, and far fewer individuals will have access to account information.
  • If a fraudulent charge is made to an account, customers are protected by Regulation E (Reg. E), which requires banks to allow a consumer to revoke a payment if they consider it fraudulent. They can do this within 60 days of their bank statement on which the charge occurred.

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